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Cancer Kid Personality Traits

Born Jun 22~Jul 22Ruling PlanetMoon
SymbolThe CrabElementWater
Basic TraitI FeelClosest MetalSilver
Lucky DayMondayQualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesPlateau above the seaLucky Numbers3, 4
Lucky ColorGreen, Silver-Grey, Cream and White
Lucky FlowersDaisies and Wallflowers
Lucky GemsOpal, Pearl and Moonstone
Ruling GoldGreek-Hermes; Roman-Mercury
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A Cancer child is observant from a very early age. As his/her parents you are very proud of him/her, because he/she never ceases to amaze you.

A Cancer child likes to live in his/her own world. Try to take him/her out to mingle with other kids. Or try to give him/her a brother or sister to play with.

He/She requires lots of attention and affection from you. He/She is sensitive and as his/her parents it is important for you to spend plenty of time with him/her. Try to talk to him/her and understand what he/she thinks or wants. He/She is very vulnerable. If you disapprove him/her he/she can get hurt easily.

A Cancer child often has vivid imagination so you should try to buy books or tell him/her stories that can help his/her imagination grow.

A Cancer kid likes to be independent. You should leave him/her alone if he/she is capable of doing things himself/herself. He/She learns from his/her mistakes. Encourage him/her with your love and attention. Help him/her conquer his/her fear. A Cancer child is generally very creative. As his/her parents you should try to nurture his/her creative talent.

As a child he/she wants to be loved and to feel secure. Being his/her parents you should ensure you will be always there for him/her. Be loving but be firm towards his/her unreasonable demand. He/She will learn self discipline in time.

If he/she gets hurt a Cancer child will often become quiet. Try to speak to him/her when he/she is upset. Never leave him/her alone when he/she is frustrated. Nurture him/her with patience and love.

A Cancer child is careful with his/her pocket money. He/She rarely buys things he/she does not need. He/She learns to appreciate the value of money from a very early age. He/She may want to go out to experience at an early age, but deep in his/her heart he/she will always love his/her home the best.

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