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Cancer Female Personality Traits

Born Jun 22~Jul 22Ruling PlanetMoon
SymbolThe CrabElementWater
Basic TraitI FeelClosest MetalSilver
Lucky DayMondayQualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesPlateau above the seaLucky Numbers3, 4
Lucky ColorGreen, Silver-Grey, Cream and White
Lucky FlowersDaisies and Wallflowers
Lucky GemsOpal, Pearl and Moonstone
Ruling GoldGreek-Hermes; Roman-Mercury
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Overall personality Traits

A Cancer Female is tender, feminine, shy, and very modest. Sometimes she may appear indifferent and self-conscious; essentially she is very sensitive and caring.

A Cancer woman can not accept being criticized in public. To be a friend with her, you need to be caring, tolerant and very careful about your words.

She is a great cook and enjoys entertaining friends with her fine cuisine. A Cancer woman is good at managing her finance. She never spends money randomly. She is frugal and likes to keep old items for their sentimental value.

A Cancer female is open-minded and rarely let her past stand in her way. She enjoys attention from other people and she craves for your comfort when she feels down or depressed. To be her friend, you should try to be there for her when she needs you.


A Cancer woman is very sensitive in a relationship. To be her partner you need to be very patient and accommodating.

She may appear distant and cold when you offend her or when she feels you don't understand her. Be gentle towards a Cancer woman. When in love, she will be very tender, caring, modest and loyal.

A Cancer female never makes the first move in a relationship because she is afraid of being rejected. She is very shy so do not get disheartened if you find she tries to avoid you.

A Cancer woman generally feels insecure and she needs to be reassured often. On the other hand she also enjoys her personal space. Please try not to be too inquisitive.

She is a loyal lover and never betrays your truest and affection.

A Cancer female likes kids and is willing to make kids and family as the centre of her life. She needs your attention and affections, in return she will be do the same for you.

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