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Cancer 2019 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

2019 expects to be an eventful year for Cancer, owing to the impact from Mercury. It is important to stay positive and remain connected to others. 2019 is a learning year for Cancer. There may be chance that you enter into financial disputes with your business partner who happens to be your friend also. It is a good year for Cancer to improve on communication skills.


Single Cancer may face pressure from family to get married in 2019. It is important for you to think through this as marring a wrong partner means lots of problems later. For single Cancer April, May and June are good months for you to meet someone you like. Try to attend more social networking events. For Cancer in a relationship, it is maybe time to give yourself some space on your own, as relationship does not mean two people have to stay together all the time.

Money management

Cancer’s financial situation expects to fluctuate in 2019. You expect to have unexpected expenditures such as shopping or medical care during the first half of the year. Try to avoid making purchases impulsively in May and June. July expects to be a lucky month for Cancer. October may be a good month for Cancer to invest.

Academic Guidance

Cancer’s academic performance expects to fluctuate in 2019. It is an important year for you to re-adjust your study goals and build a good foundation for your study. In June, Cancer expects to encounter opportunities for further study. July is a challenging month for Cancer. Thanks to the influence from Jupiter Cancer expects to make steady progress academically from August onwards.


Cancer expects to have lots of opportunities at work or in business in 2019. Your efforts in the past finally are paying off. Owing to the impact from Mars, you find it hard to focus between May and July. Try to explore new opportunities and stay cautious and attentive at work. Make thorough preparations before any important meetings.


Try to adjust your outlook towards life in 2019. Owing to the impact from Neptune you may feel down from time to time. Avoid making friends who encourage you to take on bad habits such as excessive drinking. Try to avoid conflicts with others. Pay attention to your diet routine.


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