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Cancer 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

For Cancer 2012 is a new beginning. Though Cancer may remain conservative due to the impact from Saturn, the influence from Uranus will bring lots of warmth and hopes into Cancer's life. You will crave for trying new things and wanting to be in contact with more people, though in some way you are also afraid of changes. So overall 2012 is a year when Cancer will have lots of decisions to make.


For single Cancer you will have lots of opportunities to meet other people. Probably too many at times. Try to make sensible decisions by listening to your heart. Otherwise though having lots of opportunities, you may find it hard to enter into a serious relationship with anyone.

For Cancer in a relationship you may appear absent-minded when you are with your partner. You may find the attitude of your partner ambiguous while you can be indecisive, which will cause problems during communication. Cancer will experience ups and downs with relationship in 2012.

Money Management

2012 is not a good investment year for Cancer in comparison to the previous years, though if managing carefully Cancer still can make some money. From January to April Cancer will be able to find investment opportunities through hard work. But Cancer needs to be careful in summer. In autumn Cancer expects to face lots of pressure so it is wise to be careful when making any decisions. When near the end of 2012 there may be some opportunities that Cancer can take advantage of.

Academic Guidance

Overall academically Cancer will have a relatively challenging year. In Spring it is good time to study and learn as much as you can. From May to July you are likely to be distracted. Try to concentrate more and stay focused. In July you will perform better on exams. In Autumn Cancer may feel the pressure in school which will cause Cancer to dislike going to school. In winter, Cancer expects to be more positive and will perform well in school.


2012 is a good year for Cancer looking for a job, especially at the beginning and end of the year. May and June are the months when Cancer is likely to work very hard but receive little in return. In autumn more opportunities will come up. Try to grasp the opportunities when they come up.


Overall Cancer will be in good health in 2012. Try to pay attention to intestine, trachea, and gall blander problems. In addition you also need to pay more attention to any neuropathic pain. Cancer is likely to feel weak between August and October.


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